Consultation and Fees

Gum disease consultation

A consultation is needed to determine the extent of the problem in a detailed full- mouth gum and implant examination. X-rays are also usually taken to determine the extent of bone remaining. We will discuss the findings with you and propose a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

A formal report will then be sent to your dentist with a copy of any gum chart and x-rays. You will also be sent a copy of the report. At all times you will be informed of the cost and duration of gum and/or dental implant treatment. You will be provided with a written plan outlining all costs before proceeding with treatment.

In most cases (depending on the seriousness of the condition) a course of treatment followed by periodic check-ups is sufficient to restore and maintain the health of your gums. If any further treatment is necessary you will be advised as early as possible.

It must be stressed that following active treatment, regular gum and dental implant check-ups are essential to monitor the tissues and to review your home care. Usually this involves continued regular appointments with your own dentist and hygienist. The proposed gum and implant treatment is carefully coordinated with your dentist. You must continue to see your dentist for your usual routine dental check-ups.

Initial full assessment

An Initial full assessment is approximately one-hour in duration and includes all x-rays and written report to dentist and separate report to patient. Fee is £195 in Harley Street London and £140 in Kent. © Hatem Algraffee 2010 - Website Updated January 2013
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